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Luvdu Lapland (Fushun) Food Co., Ltd.

Masurila, Cheddar

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Masurila Cheese


Lvdu Lapland(Fushun)Food Co.,Ltd is Fushun green Dairy Company Limited Finl's largest cheese manufacturers Lapland Food Co. Ltd., a joint venture established by the company, the registered capital of 40 million yuan, the project total investment of 100 million yuan, the main products are fresh cheese, yogurt, Ma Su, mozzarella cheese cheese making, buttermilk powder cleaning desalted whey powder, completion of the project can be an annual output of 13000 tons of dairy products, the output value of 600 million yuan; Lapland fresh cheese blank at the same time will also fill the fresh cheese. The joint venture will also cooperate further on projects such as the dairy industry other projects.

Finl Lapland food company is a private Limited by Share Ltd in Finl, formerly known as Youkula food company, founded in 1991 1995, the company relocated to the new site in Kokkola city. The company's sales offices logistics centers are located in Helsinki. The company has been working on the cons... [Details]
Masurila Cheese